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[ About Us ]

Crew is a drugs charity based in Edinburgh providing non-judgemental, relevant information, advice and support.


"We don't condemn or condone drug use."


What we do

Our ethos is that we don’t condemn or condone drug use but recognise that legal and illegal substances have both positive and negative aspects in their use. We believe there are ways to reduce harm for the significant numbers of people who decide take them.

We specialise in psychostimulant drugs like cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and new psychoactive substances (NPS) including "legal highs".

We are at the forefront of emerging drug trends and work hard to reduce harm. Search our packed drugs A-Z to find out more about drugs, the effects and how you can reduce the risk if you do choose to take them.

MY CREW is part of Crew Online, a project funded by the Scottish Government to offer our information, advice and support online.

What is on the website?

MY CREW offers access to information about drugs when you need it. The "Check it Out" risk-assessment tool can help find out more about you and the drugs you take. Register to use our forums and chat room where you can access support from our trained volunteers, staff and other MY CREW users.

Got a smartphone or tablet?

Use the FREE MY CREW app to log the drugs you take, track how much you spend, how it makes you feel and plan how you can take drugs in a less risky way. FREE to download and password protected- the app lets you take control. Click here to visit the Google play store now.  

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