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[ Drugs Information ]

Want to know more about drugs? Use our drugs A-Z!

Just start typing the drug name into the search box or find it in the list below...


How to search

You can search by the name you are familiar with (street name) or for 'legal highs" type in the brand name or chemical name found on the back of the packet. 

As you type more letters from the name, new suggestions of substances will appear and you can click on these directly to head to the page about that drug.

When searching for a legal high you can enter the brand name or you can look at the back of the packet to work out which A-Z entry matches the contents inside. See the page on "legal highs" for more information. 

What then?

You can click on our A-Z below to find out more about specific drugs and helpful harm reduction tips. 

If you can't find the drug you are looking for, please check out our general harm reduction tips below and email us at mycrew@crew2000.org.uk so we can update the site with more information.


Here are some general harm reduction tips if you are determined to use substances:

  • Don't use alone
  • Tell someone you are with what you are taking
  • Always start with a small test amount e.g. a half pill, a dab and wait 2 hours before taking any more
  • Avoid mixing with other drugs including alcohol
  • Try and buy from a trusted source and if you don’t know what it is, don't use it
  • If you are dancing, stay hydrated by drinking small sips of water but don't go over 1 pint in 1 hour and take regular breaks from dancing
  • Think about your environment - is it safe? Make sure you remove any hazards before using
  • Look after your mates
  • Seek help if you need to and be honest about what you have taken
  • Place sleeping or unconscious friends in the recovery position
  • If you have used and are going to sleep, sleep on your side in case you are sick
  • Think about safe sex - carry condoms and use them!

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