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[ Legal highs (Injecting) ]

Injecting “legal highs” and other substances – for example MPA or mephedrone – is highly risky. Injecting is the highest risk way of using these drugs, and drugs sold as white powders, as they can be very corrosive and we have had reports of users injecting these drugs which has led to abscesses and blown veins. Injecting carries the risk of Blood Borne Viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C, risk of vein damage and overdose. Snorting of these drugs is likely to be less risky but still may expose to BBVs and corrosive damage.

What you need to know

If you choose to inject drugs:

Use clean needles and other works and do not share any equipment
Dispose of needles and other equipment safely following use
Do not mix with other drugs
The purity and strength of these substances can vary so be very careful of dosage as you might find the drug is much stronger than others you have used
Be aware that using these drugs can lead to strong cravings to use more – watch how much you are using
Don’t use alone – this is very risky and using these drugs carries a risk of overdose
White powders can contain a variety of different drugs – event if you have used the same brand name before, the next time it could contain different substances so be very cautious about dosage

Legal Information

Legal status will depend on the particular drug - you can look up our drugs information to find out more information about the legal status of particular drugs or contact mycrew@crew2000.org.uk for more information. A majority of substances when prepared for injection become a Class A drug.