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[ Mephedrone ]

Mephedrone (Mef-i-drone) also known as Drone, MCAT, Magic and Meph appeared on the legal high market in 2007. It was often sold as bath salts or plant food to get round the law although it is now illegal to possess and/or supply it. Not to be confused with other drugs such as methedrone or the heroin substitute methadone.

Mephedrone is a stimulant (upper) drug similar to MDMA, amphetamine and cocaine which can give you a rush and make you feel high. It also increases your heart rate and breathing. People using it can experience a feeling of ‘coming up’, alertness and an intense connection with music as well as cravings to re-dose, intense sweating with an odour and sleeplessness.

It comes in a fine or crystal white powder and is usually snorted or swallowed either in a cigarette paper (bombed), in a capsule/pill or mixed in juice. An average dose for snorting will give around 30 lines from a gram and for swallowing around 10-13 bombs from a gram. These doses should not be taken as recommendations.

Snorting often causes effects to come on quicker than swallowing and it can be a more intense experience although effects tend to last longer when the drug is swallowed.

What you need to know

If you choose to take mephedrone:

- Try a test dose (a small dab with your pinky) and wait at least an hour before re-dosing.
- Limit the amount you take in one session (we advise taking no more than ½ gram in 24 hours)
- If snorting, clean out your nose after each session and don’t share your tooter with anyone else!
- Take regular breaks if dancing and replace fluids by sipping water regularly (about 0.5-1 pint an hour)
Avoid mixing with alcohol and other drugs.

Legal Information

Class B drug. Penalties for possession are up to five years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Supply holds penalties of up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.