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[ Phenazepam ]

Phenazepam (fen-a-ze-pam) also known as Bonsai Supersleep is a medicinal drug from Russia and has been available in Europe for the past few years as a research chemical. It is mostly produced in China and sold in pure form via the internet. Originally branded a ‘legal high’ it is now illegal to possess and/or supply it.

Phenazepam is a very long acting benzodiazepine (downer) drug which has a sedative effect and can cause long periods of sleep and drowsiness. It also slows down your heart rate and breathing. People using it can feel calm and relaxed with reduced feelings of anxiety as well as experiencing short term memory loss, reduced mental alertness and double vision.

It usually comes as a white/off white crystalline powder or as a liquid which is swallowed either in capsules or added to ‘blotters’ (small pieces of paper). Phenazepam is very strong and first time users (even those with experience of other benzodiazepines) should not take more than 0.5mg which is the equivalent of 2000 doses from a gram of powder. These doses should not be taken as recommendations.

What you need to know

if you choose to use phenazepam:

Short term side effects may last for several days
There are hundreds of reports of accidental overdose. ALWAYS use accurate milligram scales. If you can't afford milligram scales you should not be taking this substance. NEVER judge a dose by eye
It is possible to become physically addicted even after short periods of use
Remember the next day you will still be heavily under the influence of this drug, even though you may not think so. Do not drive. Plan a day off in advance if possible
Take EXTREME caution if mixing with alcohol, opiates or other downers as the risk of overdose is increased

Legal Information

Class C drug. Penalties for possession are up to 2 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. Supply holds penalties of up to 14 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.