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[ Poppers ]

Poppers also known as Amyls, TNT and Liquid Gold are yellow flammable liquids that evaporate very quickly and are commonly sold in little brown bottles. One of the most common chemicals in the poppers group is Amyl Nitrite and was originally used in the treatment for angina (a heart condition).

Poppers are stimulant (upper) drugs which take effect very quickly resulting in an intense head ‘rush’ which lasts a couple of minutes. It is caused by the body's blood vessels dilating (opening) and blood rushing to the brain. People using them may experience better orgasms, improved anal sex and a bigger erection for a few minutes after sniffing the drug as well as feeling sick, faint, experiencing headaches or poor concentration. The fumes can also irritate your the skin on your face- particularly around your nostrils.

Poppers come as a yellow liquid usually inhaled straight from the bottle or from an absorbent material such as a cloth. They have a very distinctive and strong smell similar to stale sweat or a mouldy room. One sniff is usually regarded as a single dose which is often repeated dozens of times during a session.

What you need to know

If you choose to use poppers:

-Be careful not to spill poppers on your skin or to drink them as they cause skin irritation and chemical burns
-Poppers are highly flammable. Keep away from any naked flames such as cigarettes, matches, lighters, joints, candles, fires etc.
-There is not yet any evidence of long term physical or psychological damage as a result of sniffing poppers
-Poppers are not thought to be addictive but many users report cravings when out clubbing or during sex
-Avoid repetative inhaling or mixing with other drugs (especially alcohol) as this can cause a lot of stress to your body

Legal Information

Despite being psychoactive, poppers or alkyl nitrites are exempt from The Psychoactive Substances Act as it has been argued that they are not psychoactive, as defined in the act, as their primary effect is not on the central nervous system.